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Welcome to Runway 28. On this website you will find everything which is related to the modern military aviation. The reason why I have chosen the name of Runway 28 is simple. Runway 28 is the name of the main runway at the airbase of Gilze-Rijen. The hobby around the modern military aviation started a long time ago for me at this base. Nowadays, I still consider Gilze-Rijen as my home base. Because of this, there are a lot of pictures of the helicopters of the Defense Helicopter Command on this site. This website is my personal port- folio which is related to aviation photography. Runway 28 was launched in 2007. At that moment the website was not what it supposed to be. The development of this website from scratch until final product which is shown here has lasted two years at least. For me it was the first time I have built a web page like this. This web site became a comprehensive collection of photo- graphs and travelogues in the meanwhile.

In the trip reports section of this web page you can find story’s of my journeys in my own country and abroad. The trip reports are listed chronologically by year. The trip reports section tells us how I experienced the journeys in a personal style. Also they contain many informative aspects of units, locations and types of aircraft. Next to this each report contains an extensive photo report which makes the report complete. In the photo gallery I show especially my pictures which I’ve made at my own home base Gilze-Rijen and De Oirschotse Heide. Those areas are regular visited by me. Besides the pictures from my surroundings, I also publish my photos of reports that I've made throughout Europe which didn’t made it to the trip reports section. These series are not comprehensive enough for that section, but certainly worth showing here in the gallery. This site contain also an overview of all my publications next to al those reports. These articles may be published in several magazines but also they can be published on the Internet. The complete articles including the accompanying photos can most of the time be found in the magazines while on the internet most of the time only photos are published. Almost all articles which I have written for the magazines are also published on this website in the trip reports section. Enjoy reading these stories’s and watch the photo reports on this website.

With Kind Regards, Alex van Noye

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The Polish 56 Baza Lotnicza

1 Aviation Brigade of the Army; Inowroclaw, May 19, 2018

The largest helicopter base of the Polish Army which is part of the 1.BLWL is 56 Baza Lotnicza (56.BLot) Inowroclaw. This air base of the Polish army is located about 10 kilometers northwest of the city of Inowroclaw in middle Poland. The base is equipped with utility and attack helicopters for offensive tasks. The Polish flying branch of the Army is referred to as the Lotnictwo Wojsk Ladowych (Army Aviation). The Polish Army has two brigades with different types of helicopters in active service. The helicopters have a supporting role in the Army.

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313 Squadron Awarded with Silver Tiger

The NATO Tiger Meet 2018, part 3; Poznań-Krzesiny, May 18, 2018

Besides the intensive training, the NATO Tiger Meet also concerns the social aspects of the annual meeting. It is the intention that during the Tiger Meet the audience and the participating units come closer to each other. For this reason, a spotter day was organized on May 18, and the Poznan Airshow was held on May 19 and 20. During the Tiger Meet, the Tiger Games are traditionally held every year. The Tiger Games are a number of innocent games where the crews of all countries compete against each other to win ultimatly the Silver Tiger.

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Objectives of the COMAO Missions

The NATO Tiger Meet 2018, part 2; Poznań-Krzesiny, May 18, 2018

The NATO Tiger Meet is one of the largest military exercises which takes place annually in Europe. Every year the European Tiger units send their aircraft to the Tiger Meet to train intensively together. During the Tiger Meet 2018 in Poland, various CAMAO war scenarios were flown which imitate contemporary reality of war. Also this year in Poland this year’s the Tiger Meet was held with the aim to promote European cooperation. The units which participated in the NATO Tiger Meet 2018 came to the exercise from all corners of Europe.

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Hosting the NATO Tiger Meet

The NATO Tiger Meet 2018, part 1; Poznań-Krzesiny, May 18, 2018

For years, the NATO Tiger Meet has been one of the largest international military exercises in Europe. This year the edition of the NATO Tiger Meet took place in Poland at the 31st tactical air base Poznań-Krzesiny in the middle of the country. The NATO Tiger Meet 2018 (NTM2018) took place between May 14 and May 25. During this large scale exercise with a high international reputation, a media day was organized on May, 18. Media were given the opportunity to experience up close the operations carried out by the Tiger squadrons.

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